Pakistan Free Classified Ads



1. New to Adzbin

What is Adzbin? Adzbin is the world's online marketplace for local buying, and selling, exchanging and communicating to other users. Back to top Is Adzbin FREE? Yes, Adzbin is 100% free! Back to top Do I have to Register to use Adzbin? No. You can browse the site and post items in the Classified section without registration. Registration is necessary in order to post a buy now or auction type of ad you. Registration at Adzbin is FREE and the process is very simple: 1. Click on "Register Now" and you will be asked to provide your basic contact information. 2. You are now Registered at Adzbin! 3. Adzbin will send a message with your login and password information to your e-mail address. Once you have registered, you can manage your postings and personal information even easier through the 'My Adzbin' section of the site. Back to top What type of buying and selling formats does Adzbin offer? Adzbin buying and selling formats make it easy for buyers and sellers to do transactions together. Each format has its own characteristics and advantages. 1. Classified: Under this format, buyers can always contact the seller to negotiate, even if he or she puts a price to the item. 2. Buy Now: This is a price fixed transaction, where the user must sell the item to the first interested buyer at the stated price. 3. Auction: Rated auction, where the seller must sell the item to the highest bidder.

2. How do I find an item at Adzbin

You can Browse listings when you're not sure what you're looking for, or when you simply want to explore the range of items on Adzbin or in a particular category. Click on Categories and Subcategories and if you find an item you're interested in, just click on the item title. You can also Search for items when you are looking for a specific item that you can describe using a few words. In this case, simply go to the search box, enter a few words describing what you are looking for and click the "Search" button. A search results page of Adzbin listings will be displayed. Review your search results pages and if you see something you're interested in, just click on the item title. Back to top What is My Adzbin? With My Adzbin, you can track and manage your Adzbin buying, selling, listings, personal account, information, messages, favorites and more from one single, secure location. You must be a registered user to access most of the My Adzbin features.

3. Postings

How do I post an item at Adzbin ? Click on the "Post a free ad" button. If you don't have an account and don't want to register yet, just choose the location, the category and subcategory, and you are ready to post your classified ad. You can also register for an Adzbin account by providing your basic contact information. Immediately after this very fast and simple registration process is complete you are ready to post. If you already have an Adzbin account, simply login and follow the process. You will be asked to select categories and subcategories to post your item at Adzbin. Posting at Adzbin is FREE. Back to top How do I upload a picture? During the posting process, you will find the instructions to upload pictures. You simply have to follow them. Adzbin picture upload process is easy and you can upload up to 20 (twenty) pictures per posting. Lighter pictures will upload faster; ideally less than 200kb each. Uploading pictures to Adzbin is FREE. Back to top How do I edit a posting? If you are a registered user, you can edit your postings through the "All Listings" option in the My Adzbin section of the site. Please go to the item and click the "Edit Listing" button. Once you have made and approved the changes, they will take effect immediately. You can repeat this process any time you like. If you are not a registered user yet, you can also access the same features using the link enclosed in the confirmation email you receive each time you post an item on the site.

4. Classified

What is Classifieds? In the Classifieds-style listings, buyers will always contact the seller to negotiate, even if he/she puts a price. Back to top As a seller, how do I post an item? Click on the "Post a free ad" button to post without registration. If you already have an Adzbin account, please login first. If you don't have an account yet and want to have the benefits of this FREE process, please register for an Adzbin account by providing your basic contact information. After registration process is complete you are ready to post. You will start by selecting categories and subcategories that your posting will appear in. You will be asked to provide pricing -optional in some Subcategories- and delivery information together with an item description of any length. Posting on Adzbin is absolutely FREE. Back to top As a buyer, how do I contact a seller? If the seller is a registered Adzbin user, click on the "Contact seller" button in the listing you are interested. Fill the form with your contact information including your e-mail and the message you would like to send to the seller and submit it. If the seller is anonymous, use the contact information provided in the listing to get in touch with him/her.

5. More Guidelines

What are the things that potentially fraudulent sellers do? Ask you to wire money into on International account. Seller may ask you to send payment overseas and will only accept Western Union or another money transfer service (e-Gold). List an address that is different from the address on their item detail page. Recommend an unfamiliar escrow or payment service. Not be up front about the authenticity of items for sale. Will not provide you a verifiable telephone number. Try to convince you not to use payment services which offer protection (accepted services are those like & PayPal). Will repeatedly not answer phone calls or email. Continuously provide excuses about why you haven't received an item. Sell suspect copies of software, music, or videos. Refuse to give you a working shipment tracking number. Sell an expensive popular item at a suspiciously low price.